Taking ocreluzimab P+ PMS

I’m enquiring with docs about taking this medication. Apart from the “putting money in the pockets of others” comment (a political point of view that was expressed to me in a medical consultation) can anyone share with me any experiences? I know I should be relying on evidence but when advise becomes politically or economically motivated you have to ask elsewhere. If this drug causes major significant cancerous risks then why was it deemed acceptable to tolerate by NICE? I was also told that the scientific research investigations were not optimised - the impression I got is that the results, which NICE must have read, are questionable. Is this a realistic interpretation? I can accept the outcome both ways. Is there any documentation I can refer to? I’m afraid I need more info that is not over simplified. Can anyone help answer my questions or point me in the right direction please? Thankyou for reading this rather unfortunate message.