Taking DMD a day early

Is this possible? I use Avonex and my injection day is Wednesday. In August we’re going to Malcesine in Lake Garda for our 10th wedding anniversary. Our flight is early Wednesday morning. Would it be ok to do my injection Tuesday night instead? It would save having to take along the cool bag etc and at least the injection would be out of the way. We’re being picked up from my father in law’s house, 10 mins from Gatwick at 5.30am so I know I’ll feel pretty grotty as I’m still getting side affects nearly a year on.

But at least I know that, with an afternoon nap on the Wednesday that should be it, done and dusted for the rest of the week. I’ll leave another injection at father in law’s house ready for our return.

I’m seeing my MS nurse later this month so I’ll check with her as well, but if anyone else has done this I would appreciate any advice etc.


Hi Lynne

I was told it was ok to do this, especially if you’ve missed an injection, I had a very bad headache and decided I would not do it again, it is a good idea to ask your MS nurse, it was my supplier of Betaferon that told me it was safe to inject 2 days in a row, better to check this out.

Wendy x