T-spine MRI

Met with my GP to discuss the next steps following my clear brain and c-spine MRI, I was expecting a referral to counselling but after discussing my symptoms he wants me to go back to a neurologist for a further MRI?! :frowning: I did initially want a T-spine MRI but then I decided I was being irrational and that I should just go with the doctors. However this now puts me back at square one!

I’m terribly stressed out by all of this, my symptoms haven’t improved in fact they’re probably a little bit worse in that I notice them when doing the smallest activities now. I’m so fed up of all of this diagnostic business. I just want to be a regular 22 year old!!! I miss waking up in the morning and being excited for the future. I’m petrified!

On top of all of this, I’m also being referred to a dermatologist for what looks like melanoma on the back of my leg (it better be benign because I never go in the sun and I have the vitamin D deficiency to prove it!!!). Surely I have enough to deal with! I’m in my final year of university and this is having a terrible effect on my studies. Sorry to moan, I’m just in a bit of a “why me?” place and I can’t seem to speak to any of my friends because when they complain about putting a few pounds on or having a few deadlines to deal with I just feel myself starting to explode!!!

I understand everyone has their own problems but I just don’t want to hear about trivial business when i’m having the worst time of my life! It’s insensitive to complain about small issues to someone having two big health scares in my honest opinion.

Hi, just seen your post and was wondering how you are doing? Did your gp explain why you were being sent for a spine mri? Hopefully you will not have to wait too long for an appointment. It’s a very difficult time waiting for tests and results. I was wondering how you got on with the vitamin d injections and whether they have improved your symptoms at all?

to be honest, I’m doing better but I just want answers now. My GP read my letter from my neurologist and he didn’t feel that all of my symptoms were properly investigated because in the letter from the neuro, he mentioned “episodic numbness” which is something I’ve never experienced- when it goes numb, it stays numb! So he wants to check my full spine, maybe I have a cyst or something I don’t know?

He actually said that they’re going to discuss my case in their “clinic meeting” because no one has any answers for me. I’ve been taking my vitamin D but I’m not sure I have a high enough dose! I’m now on one tablet per month! And I feel no different, maybe a bit worse actually. I’ve read that the standard dose for my level of deficiency is much higher than what I’ve been given.

I am quite frightened still because it’s scary not knowing what the future holds. I’m really hoping I have a cyst in my spine or something but then I don’t want to give myself false hope in case I do get a bad diagnosis! Gosh, I just hate hospitals.

Don’t be scared. You may not have something systemic! I have had a minor abscess on my spine and it caused neurological-like symptoms. Recovery was good and surgery wasn’t anything too traumatic. Actually surgery is fine, you just sleep for a bit. I got myself all worried about it, but in the end it worked out completely fine.

You may have something else. Maybe a disc issue?

Whatever it is, don’t panic. Lots of stuff that goes wrong with the body can create uncomfortable and, often, painful symptoms/worrying symptoms but turn out to be something relatively minor.

Maybe you could find a forum on spinal health and CNS related issues, more general than here? It might offer you more help.

P.s by the way vitamin deficiencies can take months to correct and even longer for you to feel better, and maybe see if dosage can be increased?

I’m hoping that maybe it’s a cyst on my spine or something! I’ve spoken to people on forums and my symptoms really don’t fit but I’m still hoping. People with spine problems tend to have a lot of pain and I really don’t :frowning: I wish I did! Which is weird.