Synchronised swimming

having watched the cycling and not understood what on earth was going on - madison, omniun, scratch race etc - does anyone know how they work?

and then the swimming - when you don’t know which is lane 1 and which is lane 8 and with the swimmers being all but submerged how do you work out who is who?

and then the Synchronised Swimming came on - brilliant - the couple doing the Argentine Tango will long live in the memory.

i’m the same.

it is difficult for the watcher.

must watch the synchronised swimming next time.

strictly come swimming.

I think the track cycling and synchronised swimming are both bonkers, but in very different ways. The swimming is just plain weird. But while the cycling evens can be weird, a quick google will give you the basic idea for each of the events. And they have the added bonus of being exciting! I’m sure anyone who saw the final of the keirin at the last Olympics would agree it was the gripping moment of the whole games :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed watching the Madison but can honestly say I had no idea what was going on! I was urging GB on in the last few laps and getting very excited and even shed a tear when we crossed the line but was still clueless…not sure the commentator was any more clued up to be honest as he didn’t know if we were silver or bronze or if we had ‘taken the lap?’

The synchronised swimming is very pretty and very clever but is it really a sport?

I really got into the curling at the winter Olympics/Paralympics .The slower pace meant I actually managed to get my head around the rules and understood it (I have probably forgotten it all again now!) Perhaps the BBC could replay the cycling at a quarter speed with a commentary to explain ‘what the heck’ was going on!