symtoms during pregnancy

read a comment on here today about how it’s common for ms symptoms to almost disappear during pregnancy only to flare up around 6 months after birth.

i had my fourth baby in august last year and my previous pregnancies were rough. very bad sickness, so tired and sore. my fourth, i felt absolutely amazing. i wasn’t tired, no more aches or anything. i assumed something was wrong and got an early scan. everything was fine, but i couldn’t beileve how amazing and ‘alive’ i felt. this ‘episode’ started at the end of march and has been by far the worst one. this one lasted 2 months (still having some twitching and a weak leg) and was like every symptom i’ve had was all thrown at me at once.

Does anyone know if this happens with any other ms-mimicking condition??

Hi. Yes, this can also happen with ME. They think it has something to do with pregnancy hormones. Interestingly some women find they feel worse in pregnancy then better post partum, hormones are weird things!