hi all still not diagnosed yet so im still saying i have fibro although again not def seeing rehy in jan but having nerve conduction test next week.

any way just wanted toi know if anyone has symptoms like this my inside of my ears are extremly itchy no wax no infection just always seem itchy and its deep inside, also when i get pins and needles in my hands i have a sort of fluttery episode from my chest its not my heart but feels like my chest is tingling inside sorry its hard to explain also get tingling in lips and mouth but not any above my cheeks

oh and my neck cracks everytime i move it lol seem the list goes on just wondered if this is a sign before i see my rehmy

Hi mumoffour (I’m a mumofone :wink: I’m waiting for my first neuro appointment, GP thinks its M.E. but that doesn’t sit right with me. Yes, I get a deep ear itch occasionally, without being particularly waxy. I also get odd sensations on my chest, tingly lips too. With me though, I also get that on my left cheek (though it did move round to explore the other side of my face and then went back again! Plus the tip of my tongue constantly feels like I scalded it but I haven’t. As for my neck…the word that fits is ‘graunchy’. Sounds terrible! I’m keeping a symptom diary and will take a copy plus a brief outline to my neuroligist when I see her. Good luck in getting some answers!

I only get the itchy ear feeling after a bout of tinnitusis (sp). I get cracking in my joints all the time, especially in my wrist and the orthopaedic surgeon literally said it just had to do with flexible joints and the fluid in and around my tendons. Essentially double jointed; therefore lots of cracking in toes, feet, shoulders, neck, hips and knees.

Hope you get some answers soon! Good luck! xx

thank you didnt think of keeping a sympton diary ive written everything down when i see the rhemy as i forgot things easily

I get the itchy ears… sometimes it wakes me up in the night. That’s if i’m not waking for the loo or cause of pain or the kids waking me!!! I get awful pain in neck and shoulders, along with legs. Have developed tremor in left hand too. This is just a handful of my ailments!!

Yep, itchy ears, tingly face etc and painful, graunchy (love that word!) neck here, too!

So glad we all understand each other!

trouble is im a bad girrl sometimes it gets so bad i have to itch with a cotton bud i know its wrong but its the only way to stop the itching, dont ususally get woken up by it but always wanting tpo pee 5/6 times a night which is awkward as i have to wear a sleep mask for the cpap machine cos of osa and find it difficult to attach the tube again!

Get the same itchy ear! Usually at night I notice it when I flop down to watch the telly, got annoying little stabbing pains halfway down my spine today, like someone’s sticking little pins in me and my left foot doesn’t seem like it wants to work today, oh the joys, started a symptom list too, it’s getting longer by the day, got my first neuro appt in November, Keep well everyone x

If i started a list i would run out of paper and ink!! I am also naughty & always have a cotton bud handy. Grrrrr it is so annoying!!!

I each mine so much I get outer ear infections! How earie we all are !

I each mine so much I get outer ear infections! How earie we all are !