Hi about a year and a half ago a started to suffer terrible fatigue short term memory problems and cognitive problems. Recently I have had dull pains in my eye blurred vision from it to time and slurred speech i have ad my mri and they found several things my gp at a guess said ms and my report said demylation should be considered . I have been feelin quite poorly and waiting to go back the neuro any ideas if it could be

Thats pretty much how i have been, slurred, staggering and forget what im saying sometimes mid sentence.

My MRI showed multiple lesions and i have been referred to ms nurse but after reading letter now im a little unsure if i have been diagnosed as the letter says “suggests underlying ms”

From what you are saying its a definite possibility but it may be just one episode, they may want to see more “action” before they confirm as the criteria i believe needs lesions in different areas at different times before diagnosis can be made

Good luck