Hello, so I’m very frustrated because I had a CT scan as well as an MRI with and w/out contrast. They both came back clean. But the radiologist was looking for a pituitary tumor due to high ACTH levels. Is it possible that unless they were looking for it they wouldn’t find evidence of MS? I have experienced many telltale signs like vision changes, hand and leg tremors, frequent urination, hearing changes, memory problems, and the sensation of cold water being poured over my right temporal lobe. I’m 18 and have noticed these issues over the past 2 years or so. During this time I have also developed a stutter, at first I figured it could be due to anxiety but it occurs even with people like my family.

any and all help is welcome, I need clarity so bad

thank you!

I don’t know is the short answer to your question.

I think it depends on whether the MRI scanned the whole brain or just the pituitary gland. If the latter, then chances are MS wouldn’t be detected. But if the MRI covered the whole brain, then I should imagine it would be sufficient to either detect or rule out MS.

Are you being seen by a neurologist? Or could your GP refer you? You could ask your GP for their opinion. They’d normally get a report from the consultant who ordered the MRI scan and that could well give them the answer you are looking for.