Symptoms versus relapse?

Hello I am trying to figure out the difference between symptoms and knowing how to identify a relapse?

Also, I finished my Ocrevus treatment in January and I feel that headaches have not stopped and last night my legs was doing little twitching and head kind of jerked a little or had a spasm.

Is this a symptom or a relapse?

Thank you,
Newly diagnosed Johnson

Hi Johnson I’m james I was diagnosed in June and I have started tysabri a few months back …. Lately I have been having real bad days like I’m driving along down roads I have been down a million times and I’ll just have a mind blank n will not recognise anywhere ! Quite scary really but my ms team are telling me it’s part of my symptoms . So like you I’m not 100% sure the difference between my symptoms and a relapse.

I’m never quite sure either tbh. But I know to class as a relapse the symptoms have to last at least 24hours. How long have yours lasted?

Well lol I was at work yesterday and my body just went to crap I was shaking n couldn’t walk properly without falling and work ended up calling an ambulance !! I’ve just got out of hospital this afternoon!! Don’t think was a relapse I just think I need a gd rest

How scary!! Definitely rest up and give your body what it needs. Sending you a big virtual hug!