Symptoms questions... MRI done...

Hi. I have had a strange few months and would appreciate any thoughts on this! I have had a few years of extreme stress so I suppose this could be to blame? A few months ago I woke up and my left arm and hand felt really heavy and one side of my face numb. I just ignored it and later that day was fine. Since then I have had blurring in one eye,a right hand that couldnt operate a stapler or close a bottle… But it would go after 3 to 24 hours. I have also had a few hunt the words sessions… I know what I want to say but just could not find the word!!! I did have chest pains and a crushing rib sensation and after heart scans my ticker seems fine. So I had an MRI brain scan today but the contrast bit only seemed to last a minute in comparison to the non contrast bit. Do these symptoms have any link with ms… And does any one know why the contrast bit qould be so quick? Sorry for the long message!!

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Neurology is complicated because a lot of different conditions can cause the same or similar symptoms. So while your symptoms do happen with MS, they could easily be due to other things, some of which are relatively easily treated, e.g. vitamin deficiencies.

I think the thing that makes MS less likely in your case is how quickly your symptoms come and go, but what it points to instead, I’m afraid I don’t know :frowning:

The reason that the contrast part of the scanning was so much quicker is that they did fewer scans. When they scan someone for suspected neurological problems, they use a variety of scans from different directions. These scans include things called T1, T2 and FLAIR, as well as others. Contrast is only useful with T1 scans. So they will have done all the scan types before they injected the contrast and then just repeated the T1 scan(s) afterwards so they have T1 without contrast and T1 with contrast.

Karen x

Hi Karen Thanks for your reply. I must admit I tend to be quite dismissive of the various bleeps that I seem to have had although apart from the first one they have lasted more days than hours. The only other thing was that my BP went into overdrive hitting the between 176 /130 to the lowest of 140 /100 and that has been over the last month. Suppose I just need to wait! :-[