Symptoms out of control, Family find it funny I don't.

For the past few weeks I have been suffering from a variety of symptoms and another bout of optic neuritis.

Tight squeeze below the chest, double vision, pins and needles loss of sensation and coordination problems weakness. The weakness has been so bad I can’t open doors or water taps.

Yesterday about 2 pm my symptoms worsened, a tight twisting squeeze at the back made my shoulders arms check numb. I just carried on as normal then moderate fatigue kicked in so I decided to rest.

I fell asleep and woke up after an hour I could not move both arms and hands they were not there, my mother asked me if I was okay and I said yes I’m okay I did not want her to worry about me. I decided to close my eyes and rest see if everything returns back to normal.

I have no idea what I ate yesterday, how I got upstairs and in to bed. My mum and wife were just joking around with me today if I had drunk alcohol yesterday because I was making requests for food which I believed my wife had cooked earlier in the day yesterday, but she was not at home when the symptoms exarcebated.

They were joking around about the requests I made and how I wasn’t me. They could not understand what I was saying. I found it very hurtful when they compared me to a drunk and explained to them not to do that again. They apologised and said they were only trying to make me smile because I haven’t been myself for a few weeks now due to symptoms.

Today I have double vision, tight squeeze back of the spine and numbness in my whole upper body, it’s not as bad as yesterday but there is no guarantee that they will flare up.

I am thinking of attending the A&E if the symptoms do flare up but I don’t like being kept in hospital. The other option is to request a home visit from the surgery. My dominant hand has started to tighten up as I’m typing so will just give brief details.

I don’t have a diagnosis of ms, I am not under the care of a neurologist. I am on an extensive amount of medication which helps with symptoms majority of the time.

Can anyone advice me as to what they would do if you were in a similar situation as me symptoms wise. I want to thank everyone who posts any helpful information as I am going to rest and read replies on my phone and everyone whose used a phone to reply on a forum will know how difficult it can to reply or thank someone for advice when symptoms are flared up.

I have read this post twice and it makes sense to me. If it doesn’t I apologise. Thanks again to everyone who can advice or help out with suggestions as to what I should do.

Hi Anon, I am dx ms and it’s not an easy ride so you have my empathy for what’s going on with you. Firstly I can only tell you what I would do sp please do not take offence if you disagree with me. You say pu are on lts of meds, I would contact the surgery and insist on an appointment. If our speech and eyesight is affected you need immediate help. The doctor will know the side effects of any meds you are on and will advise you. If you cannot get the attention of your gp then I would be straight on the road to a and e. they may have an on call neuro who can take a look at you. Good luck and let us know ow you get on, Chis XML m.

Haven’t a clue where those letters came from, eyes not great!

I’m so soryy you’re feeling terrible and haven’t had the reaction and support from your family you’d like. Sometimes people use humour to mask a serious situation when it’s not the right thing.

I would tell your neurologists secretary or if you have access to an MS nurse (I do and I’m not diagnosed) ring them as they may be able to provide some advice or support. The GP paying a home visit is also certainly an option. Failing all of the above (and I wouldn’t wait too long) A&E is a good option particulalrly if you’re feeling any worse. I know the prospect of staying isn’t great but at least you’ll get the help you need.

Once again I’m sorry you’re going through a rough time ( hugs). Wishing you all the best and hope you get better. In the mean time lots of rest.



I am sorry that you are having such a lot of strange stuff going on.

Try not to get upset by your nearest and dearest. Mine take the mickey all the time - if the time ever came when they didn’t, that’s when I’d start to worry.

What would I do in your boots? Well, I think it’s the experts you want to consult, not us. You might like to ring NHS Direct and ask them what they would advise. It might be that things like chest tightness will get their alarm bells ringing and they will think you had better go to A&E to get checked out that there’s nothing acute and urgent going on. Definitely best to ask the experts, I think. Is there any chance of getting an emergency appt with a GP today? That would be good, but obviously going to be difficult if you are unable to get about at the moment, as your post suggests (you mentioned that you would need a home visit - but they might be able to arrange that if you are unable to get to them?) Or even a telephone consultation?

Anyway, I hope you can get some guidance from the medical people on where to go with this. I hope they can shed some light for you very soon.



Anon. I really hope by now you have seen either your GP or gone to A & E. You really do need to speak to someone about the things that are happening to you.

People sometimes make a joke out of things they dont understand/can comprehend, so please dont be too hard on them for that. Maybe talk to them and explain what is happening to them and that you are/intend to get help from your GP with it.

I really hope that you are ok and feeling a little better today xx