Symptoms increasing

Hi I was diagnosed in 2016 however recently I have felt my already existing symptoms getting worse. The tingling/pins and needles are increasing and the dizziness is taking a huge ramp up. What should I do? Do you just ride it out or should I contact my nurse? I’m so confused, I feel totally on my own with this with no one to turn to x

Amy I’ve messaged you.

Ann x

Hi Amy

Were you diagnosed with relapsing remitting (RRMS)? Or progressive (either SP or PP)? This will have an effect on what could be causing your existing symptoms to worsen. If you have RRMS, it could be a relapse, so contact your MS nurse for advise. It could be that you need to be on a DMD (disease modifying drug), or on a different or stronger drug if you already are on one. You might also want to take steroids for the relapse.

However, if you have secondary or primary progressive MS, things are a bit less clear cut. The point about a progressive diagnosis is that there are no relapses, so you would expect your symptoms to get worse.

Let us know which it is, then we might be able to advise you better.