Hi, firstly i would like to apologise for my really long post. Hi, Im 27 and Ive been ill for the past 2 3/4 years. This first started off with what consultants thought was a TIA (hands tingling, coldness running up arm, face dropping and tounge number, speach slurred) and my hands continued to tingle for a month after that. Then two months later, i had another funny turn and my eyesight was all blurry for an hour, tingling in hands, felt sick and really funny, again hands tingling for a month after that and felt sick. MRI’S CLEAR

8 months later on a plane back from Turkey i fell ill again with so many neuro problems going on e.g face dropping, tingling, spasms, couldnt walk etc this continued for a further 6-7months. The first neuro consultant i saw told me to breath in and out a paper bag?? He was on a different planet. Paid for my own MRI’s because the consultant said i was wasting nhs money. These again were clear. 2nd consultant i saw i mentioned that my symptoms were exactly the same as MS. He said i didnt have this and that i had a dysfunctional neuro disorder, and because my symptoms had improved, he said if i fell ill again that i needed to see a neuropsychologist because he thought it was in my head.

June last year 2012 not long after i had been on holiday i fell ill again with loads of neuro symptoms again felt sick, legs all wobbly and heavy, face going, spasms, aching, chronic fatigue, balance, speach hard to get words out when talking, bladder problems. This is still all ongoing. The last consulant i saw wouldnt see me again because he felt that i didnt need further investigation. In December i saw a neuropsychologist she could see i was 100% fine and that there was nothing psychologically wrong. She kindly went out of her way and booked me in for further mri’s.

I was also referred to chronic fatigue centre for M.E and saw someone in January, she said she had never come across anyone with so many neuro symptoms and that because of all this going on around my body it will make me tired. All they could offer me offer me a few sessions on managing the fatigue.

Last week i had the results through for my recent MRI’s and they showed that there had been changes since my last one and that they had found a Small Focul of Hypersensitivity Right Posterior Frontal Head and on my spinal MRI’s i had a bulging disc. I Have looked up what these results from my head scan and am i right in saying that its lesion or lesions and with my symptoms could almost certainly be MS??? My life has changed dramatically the past few years and i have always thought 100% this is what i have.

Thanks x

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

The recent MRI report in simple English is that you have a small lesion towards the back of the right, front half of your brain. Bulging discs can cause a lot of pain, but as far as I know, they will only cause neurological problems if they are pressing on nerves or the spinal cord - the report doesn’t mention this?

There are loads of causes of lesions including vitamin deficiencies and migraine. Also, the occasional lesion and bulging discs are both quite common, even in people without neurological symptoms, so they don’t in themselves mean very much :frowning: They also do not explain your symptoms - the locations don’t match most of your symptoms.

I’m not a medic, but I have to say that your attacks don’t sound like MS to me because MS does not tend to cause so many symptoms at once. (Lots of people with MS have lots of symptoms, but these tend to build over the years, not happen from day one.)

I’m wondering if the fact that you feel sick when these attacks happen could point towards migraine though. Migraine has a lot of different types, it doesn’t always involve headaches, it can last a long time and be frequent enough to feel like it never stops and they can cause all sorts of neurological symptoms (google hemiplegic migraine, for example). So could you actually be having recurrent migraine? I know it’s possible, but only a headache specialist neuro would be able to tell you for sure.

It sounds like you’re due a serious sit down with your GP to discuss next steps. If the bulging disc is an issue, then you need a referral to a neurosurgeon. If it isn’t, then perhaps a referral to a headache specialist??? I could be completely wrong of course, but I don’t think you’re going to make any progress focusing in on MS :frowning:

I hope you get some answers soon.

Karen x

Hi Karen,

Thank you for your message its really good to know and i can mention what you have wrote when my neuro appointment comes through. Ive never really ever experienced headaches, but like you said it doesnt always involve a headache which is really good to know. Thank you.

Sorry, I tend to not always explain myself properly and struggle. These symptoms are not all at once, its here and there when im feeling unwell. Im up and down. The most common symptom is tingling to my right side of my face, aching, fatigue and weakness to my hands and legs.

Luckly the bulging disc isnt a problem, i never even knew there was anything wrong with my back. My little boy is 3 and a lump so its probably from not picking him up correctly…oops!

Thanks Jade xx

Also, forgot to say with all these germs about. Everytime i start to feel a bit better i get a cold and it makes me feel funny all over again x