Symptoms 4 weeks ago now

Hey, just need to ask other people, maybe someone can feel me.

4 Weeks ago now i woke up with "dead"arms, not totally numb just really weird feeling, it moved over to cramps in the forearms and then the day after i had the same feeling in both my legs, really funny feeling, wobbly and stiff at the same time and hard to stand on.

Fast forward, all kinds of symptoms has kicked in, my left side is better but my right side much worse, cramping, nerve pain, tingling and crawling bugs, spasticity and fingers curling and cramping on right side. I have insane pain under my foot, tingling and burning and cramping, also lots of pain and aching in the whole body.

My stomach is cramping and painful, i get the worst spasm and cramps in my butthole… sorry… And i have started getting really bad spasm and cramps in my jaw and throuth, and almost feels like a pingisball in my throath

I have really bad headache, i feel almost sick but im not, chills and cold sweats when i work out, random pains in my chest, abs and also my testicles.

A lot of traveling aching in the whole body.

My right hand cramps and gets really stiff when i use it, my thumb, pinky and ring finger hurt alot and cramps easily, also the forearm. I have a lot of pain in the ankles of the foots aswell.

And to top things off, muscle twitching Everywhere! From head to toe, constant.

I have had a lot of these things as problem in the past, with butt cramps, testicle pain, right arm pain, cramp and clump in throut and all of the above but now its like 100× worse, and just keeps getting worse

How long can a relapse keep getting worse and worse before stopping?

My fear is truly of MND but everyone just says that it does not progress this fast bulbar/limb whole body within a month, so im thinking MS since ive had many of the symptoms before but smaller?

Im also 23, and i have type 1 diabetes

Best regards Erik, every answer is appreciated

Hi Erik,

With type 1 diabetes, it is possible to get paraesthesia, although what you describe is suspicious of MS as well, or it could be anything else. A MS relapse without any medication could last for several months. My last one (numb hands) lasted for about 9 months, without me taking any medication. Eventually it lead to the MS diagnosis. Yet, I am not a doctor, so please may I urge you to visit your doctor. Doctors are here to help us. Whatever it is, there are medicines. What you are experiencing is really happening. You are not imagining it. I am saying this because in both cases of my relapses, I was trying to make simplified excuses such as “oh, I may be lacking nutrients”, “oh, something got into my eye”, “oh, I pulled a nerve while exercising” . You know, it takes guts to go to the doctor and describe all this, but that’s what doctors are there for.

So, whether it’s your diabetes or anything else that causes it, please go to the doctor who will do some tests. There are medicines for everything, even for the nasty spams you are experiencing (and yes, even the weird ones). Doctors have seen and heard anything. Please let them help. Just think about it this way; don’t let it get worse if you can treat it or at least manage it with medication.

I hope you feel better soon.


Hi. Thanks for your nice response. I have a MRI booked now to check for MS i guess. I did now know a relapse/symptoms was worse without medication for it?

Also, i have only experienced numb/tingling, you know the feeling when body part goes to sleep, only like a few minutes at the time, and that seems to be the most common symptom with vision loss?

Can a MS relapse affect like for me some sensory like pains and that type, crawling etc but also mostly motor, like stiffness and spasticity as first symptoms?

I also think i might have plantar fasciits on my right foot, fits the discription well, hurts from arch to heel, something just dull ache and sometimes stabbing pain.
Anyone got pain under feet as early symptoms?

The very first symptom for me was temporary loss of vision for some seconds, followed by optic neuritis a year later. I also had tinitus. After the ON, I got twitches everywhere. 1.5 year later was my second relapse with both hands going numb. Hope you get to have the MRI soon and get your results. Try not to worry.