Symptom Help/Advice

Hi everyone

Hope you are all doing ok tonight. Could really use a bit of advice if there’s any out there.

In the middle of a relapse at the moment. It’s affecting my throat, making it difficult for me to swallow, my right eye’s vision is blurred and distorted and my legs are weakened so I’m walking with a stick right now. My nurse put me on a course of steroids, 500mg methylpredisolone for 5 days. I finished the course on Monday and at least my legs are a bit stronger, but I am really suffering at the moment with a really nasty bout with an ms “hug”. It’s been plaguing me all day on and off, and is knocking me off my feet completely. The pain is almost as bad as that from gallstones, and keeps coming in spasms and is going right the way round my front and back. Can’t do anything and nothing seems to be easing it at all.

Any ideas?

Hi Madhatter,

Probably not much you’ll be able to do this time of night, in the way of self-medication, but if you’re not on any already, you probably need to see a doctor in the next few days, to get a prescription muscle-relaxant such as baclofen or diazepam. (Different mechanisms of action, but both help).

I wouldn’t usually recommend this, but as you’re at home and stuck, and not likely to be able to get any kind of prescription for a day or two, a drop of alcohol is a muscle-relaxant. Might or might not help.

I’m not suggesting you should drink if you’re normally teetotal, or that you should try to get blotto. But if you’re partial to the odd drink, it probably wouldn’t hurt to have one now. I doubt you’ll find anything else in the kitchen or bathroom cabinet that might help.

Some people recommend to lie completely flat with the “hug”. But I find this is worse for me, and that the best position is to perch on the edge of the bed leaning forward, head towards knees. Since it seems to vary for everyone, you might have to experiment with finding the position that produces least discomfort.

I tend to find I’m better when I’m up and about, but worse when I try to go back to bed. Ordinary over-the-counter painkillers may take the edge off a bit.


Thanks for the help. Will be seeing my doctor to see what he can do to help. Fingers crossed he is better with this than he usually is!