Symmetrical muscle wasting

Hi All… It’s me again… still trying to get answers but basically the docs just say I need physio! But thats getting harder and exercise making things worst now?

I’ve been exercising for the past 10 years and have recently given up running. Put a post up before about MS starting in the core and people thought it was possible, but the doc’s don’t… problem is that my symptoms are symmetrical and they say this never happens? Does anyone know different?

My lower back is now so weak I’m finding it hard to stand and get burning down the spine more days… but its the same on both sides?.. started in my front / abs, felt my diaphragm go weak, intercostals muscles, and now its in my back going up and down… leg tops feeling funny and also arm tops… but both sides the same… guess this is not typical… 3-4 years in now…

Got all the other stuff, tired, can’t think, fog, can’t type, breathing issues, swallowing, can’t concentrate, pins / needles, numb… but all symetrical?.. but the docs have no idea… been for all the tests except lumber puncture and head scan, and they show nothing… tried to get these done but the doc’s say no… (reason I post here is one Neuro once added to watch for MS?)

Not happy as I’m getting weaker month on month and without a diagnosis, we can’t start working on the problem… Urrrrg… these things sure get you down!!

can your neuro dept refer you to neuro rehab?

Neuro rehab?.. Tell me more? Actually got a Muscular skeletal in October… May also ask for another Neuro

it is a specialist dept in the same hospital where my neuro is based. physio is based there and probably other things but i only saw neuro. try ringing the hospital and ask to be put through to rehab.

Ok, thanks, will do… So it avoids being re-register etc… Just follow on from where you left off?

At my hospital (QE in Brum) there is a neurophysio dept which specialises in helping people with neuro problems rather than general physio.

Ok… will see if we have one … all I’ve ever been told is it not neuro… but keep an eye on it! What else could it be… I can’t stand,walk for longer than a few mins now… 3 months ago I was not too bad! Just been looking at CIPD… Anyone know about this ???