Swollen optic nerves

Evening all,

Still no diagnosis … quick history peripheral neuropathy kicked off Sept 2015 coupled with fatigue confusion and random weird stuff (like tongue burning) mri clear dec 2015 found vitamin d low given daily supplements and discharged … by mid 2016 terrible lower back pain was referred into pain system put on gabapentin and given coedine after a year of this not improving was reviewed and told spastic muscles in back -put on Tizanidine and duloxetine then diagnosed with Raynauds syndrome and put on nifedipine which had been the case up until recently.

Later last year my eyes became weird/slow/strange overwhelming issues in periphery vision. Back to neuro - mri clear had load of blood tests for sticky blood and connective tissue disorders b12 lupus Lyme all clear. Passed to optics and then they were going to refer me to psychology as obviously imagining it…

Couple of months back The pain specialist asked how I was doing on the cocktail of meds - absolutely bouncing off the walls was my response - he stopped duloxetine - and has referred me for injection into my spine (still waiting) … I have subsequently been weaning down my other meds to find what my body feels like when not medicated - body doesn’t feel great

now been seen by optics have had the yellow dye injected and confirmed I have anomalous optic nerves that are very small, pale pallor with swelling and the dye leaking - what wasn’t given was a name for this - is this optic neuritis? Or could it be Uveitis? Optics referring me back to neuro as they want me to have a lumbar puncture… she said wants to specifically rule out sarcoidosis

i had been plodding in limbo quite happily not concerning myself with anything other than when my next meds dose was until all of this leaky dye stuff, now getting anxious again…

I know I need to wait but just wanted to check in and see if anybody any ideas what difference between ON and Uveitis is…

Many thanks for taking the time to read

Tingles x