Swiss rolls and Bristols.....

Hello Southern folk… :smiley: How are yer ? My boss and his wife are headed down to Bristol for a short break. Any suggestions of places to visit / restaurants etc? He’s a young minded 75, so no nightclub drug dens (!!!), but he’s not dead yet either. … Thank you kindly… Andy

Bristol is a lovely neck of the woods; Cheddar Gorge is not far away. Bath is a lovely city and the Roman Baths well worth a visit and Castle Coombe is without question the prettiest village in England.

If you want the sea air Weston-super-mare not far away.


Bristol is great, but watch out for the traffic, and the new 20 mph speed zones (yes, 20 mph).
Harbour area is interesting, and the SS Great Britain well worth a look.
Bath is interesting but the City Council are always looking for new ways to extract money from motorists - in particular using bus only lanes where the signposting only just gives you enough warning. Parking without a Blue Badge is horrendous.


I went to Bristol zoo when I was about 4, that was great! /totally unhelpful comment.

Tomorrow I’m either going to hunt bears or dragons. … :smiley:


I live in Bristol. Great place to live.

I echo all of the above. A nice walk along the harbour is good. SS Great Britain. Suspension Bridge is a fantastic site especially at night when it is all lit up. A great restaurant overlooking it too. Can’t remember the name of it. I think it is set back at the side of the Bridge.

I hope they enjoy their time here.

Shazzie xx

Bears?! D:< I get the dragons bit, but why bears? Am I just being dense?

Ah, I think it’s a kid thing again, though I’ve been saying ‘i’m going on a bear hunt, I’m not scared’ for years… a town near us has a bear festival every year (yes Paolo that’s bear, not beer, but with my accent they sound the same), they make bears out of straw (hey, it’s Norfolk !!) and stick them in the garden…Dimitar Bearbatov, Ann Bearlyn, there was one flying a spitfire a coupla years back. Fun to spend an afternoon walking/driving around with the minions… The dragon thing is a ‘go go dragons’ trail around Norwich (check out edp24 if give a monkeys). Last time it was gorillas. All truth, though it sounds like I’ve been eating cheese…

Thank you all. Knew I could rely on you guys. Brownie points too… :smiley:

Thank you all. Knew I could rely on you guys. Brownie points too… :smiley:

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So much it went on twice ??!!??

Oh lol. So I didn’t get the dragons thing at all xD An MS moment there…brain thinking (brain thinking, lol…) Bristol, near Wales, Welsh dragons - completely ignoring the fact that you are not actually in Bristol xD

Ok, so why does a town near you have a bear festival? That sounds a lot of fun though, hope you see some cool ones!

For charidee… raise funds for local charities and community groups. 10th year this year. Google Great Ellingham bear festival… local farm do a huge one with those round bales…


Oh, what fun! And how nice! <8D

Shaun the sheep sculptures are all over Bristol at various attractions!

Very cool !!! Come and bleat ! I’ll tell them. …

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Haha, that’s cool! Like the cow parade in Edinburgh!

So many comments…

Bite my tongue…

Lol, how come, because it’s Sunday? xD

Come on, out with 'em, because you know I want to know what they were now :stuck_out_tongue:

and there’s the Clifton Observatory overlooking the Suspension Bridge, head into the southern reaches to the Hen & Chicken or the Tobacco Factory, or stay in Clifton for the Zoo, a meal in the ‘Village’ and then catch a show at the Redgrave Theatre.

And watch our for the 'Invasion of the Multi-Coloured Sheep!" aka the Shaun the Sheep Trail.