This may seem a daft message but I’d really appreciate people’s views…

On Friday I went swimming. I can’t do a lot any more but find being in the pool pretty good and seem to have better mobility - I should go more often but this was the first time for ages other than in an 8m pool which is really too small to do more than about 4 or 5 strokes. But when I swam a length of the pool on Friday (it was only a 15m pool) I kept veering to the left and didn’t realise it, so much so that I swam right into the side wall of the pool. Now, having been a county swimmer in my teens, this is not something I’ve ever had problems with before, being used to lane swimming or if no lane keeping straight anyway. I am undiagnosed but have loads of symptoms that could or could not be MS. I do have poor balance and more or less permanent vertigo - fall a lot and walk into things. Anyone any thoughts on my diagonal swimming? - it has really got me worried (and more than a little fed up, though I guess it’s pretty daft)

Thanks to you all

not daft at all, I’m not sure about your odd swimming but when I walk I veer off to the right? I would let your neurologist know and as I try and work around most of my symptoms I would say stay focused and swim with a friend if you can. good luck xx

Hi Sara

I swim too and have a right job to keep in a straight line, always going into the wall or another swimmer. I also veer to the left when driving and have severly scratched wheel hubs to prove it where I’m constantly clipping the kerb. I also walk into walls, door jambs etc and have the bruises to show for that. Most embarrassing incident to date though, was in Morrisons when I veered to the left with a full trolley and squashed a poor woman up against a wall of tins of beans. Didn’t know a thing about it until she screamed. Mortifiying.

I’m undiagnosed and mentioned all these incidents to my neuro but he just shrugged his shoulders and said he had never heard anything like it. You are not alone! Dianne