I went swimming on advice from my physio as my hip flexors are stiff, as is my calf and gluten are not firing properly. This is in the right leg. I walk with a limp and my ankle doesn’t bend well due to stiffness in the Achilles and calf. Left leg is fine. Anyway I went swimming thinking it’s the best answer but when I went to swim breast stroke I could not pull my right leg up into the position for breast stroke. The left one was fine but the right one just stayed straight. I could not pull it up at all, not even a bit!

I stood up and did some knee lifts, hop circles and heel lifts and both legs did this fine but as soon as I went to swim it was like my left leg just did not want to do it. Really bizarre as my thinking was in water this would just be an easy thing to accomplish?.

Anyone know why this has happened and if there is anything I can do about it…I really think swimming would be good for the stiffness I have.

thanks in advance xxxx

I havent been in a while but I know what you mean. I varied the strokes - so breast stroke one way (with erratic legs, just as you say but the arms are pulling you along. Then I taught myself back stroke for the other way. Never got the hang of the crawl for some reason.