had a scary experience this morning, had the usual toast for breakfast had a biggish bite chewed it well swallowed it went so far and stopped no matter how hard I tried it wouldn’t go any further and wouldn’t come back up I panicked wife passed me a drink which I took and it kind of lubricated it to go down. That happened again and I gave up. Funny though it’s been ok since breakfast

I know Db, horrible. I have it regularly. I have fizzy water at every meal time. MS is known for causing swallowing problems. I drink through a straw as well. I tend to avoid bread, certain meat etc for this reason. I would mention it at your next MS appointment, they will come up with some suggestions. I do tend to chew food slowly & thoroughly now, it helps. Try the sipping water after each mouth full, I can manage using this method.

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if it becomes a regular issue then a speech therapists input in invaluable.


It is starting to happen more often especially with bread