swallowing difficulties and thickeners

Hi, I am a family member of a person with M.S and as part of a study doing at university I’m looking at swallowing difficulties and how it impacts the lives of those affected by Multiple Sclerosis and particularly why people are reluctant to use thickners or change their diet to softer foods. If anyone is willing to give their insight I’d be extremely grateful. You can remain anonymous. Just trying to get some ideas. Also, do people feel they are informed of the risks of swallowing difficulties?

Hi Mellymoo,

I remember I was having difficulty in swallowing when eating/drinking , when I was living with RRMS.

I was sent to the hospital, were they put me under a scan/x-ray and I had to eat and drink various foods to see if I had a problem. I found it really interesting watching the workings of my body !!

Theyt found that I have difficuly sallowing on the right side of my throat and sometimes food would be lodged there and would not move. I was advised to drink water with my meals and eat soft food and to keep away from hard foods (steak, etc…).

Now I live with both RRMS and SPMS, I always have some water at meal times, you never know when you might need it !!

Hope this is helpfull, Andy