Sustainability, environmentalism and MS

Hi, my name is Lliam, I’m a university student at Leeds. For one of my modules i have been tasked with looking into an intervention that allows for members of society to live a more sustainably consuming life. With having a parent with MS, I would like to investigate whether there are any interventions or mechanisms that allow people with MS to do this, for example, a way to travel sustainably rather than using a car?

Thank you for any assitance.


Liam, obviously I can only comment about me but when I’m driving I feel ‘normal’! Yes, I have MS but thankfully my eyes haven’t been affected and long may that be. I have been given a Blue Badge (disabled parking) which is an enormous help. I am a great one for the environment and don’t drive out on ‘jaunts’ but only when I really need to. I really don’t know how I’d manage if I couldn’t drive. Probably lots of home deliveries from shops etc and very little socialising. I believe some people rely on taxis, buses etc but the monetary cost must be astronomical, and a bus rarely drops you off close to where you need to go so there’s the issue of walking (or wobbling!) when you reach your destination. I hope that you get responses from folk that use transport that isn’t their own car.

Keep up the good work!

Tippy x