Survey results

After 3 years and millions of pounds a survey at Cambridge University has found that 6 out of 7 dwarves are not Happy.

…It only took 3 years?!!

Was it a small sample?

No Gogling

Name the other 6 dwarves

Dopey. Grumpy, Doc, Sleepy (?), Sneezy (?)

I thought this would be easy…

Oh, Happy and the other one doesn’t end in a Y. (not sure about sleepy and sneezy though…

The other dwarves were







Any news on Snow White?


Hi WB,

She turned out to be a real tart; slept with 7 dwarves

Do you mean like a petit four,or the more traditional Bakewell? You’ve opened a real can of ‘worms’ with this disclosure.


No mate she was obviously a person of ill repute; no moral’s.

You must read between the lines; ask yourself why did she go to an old woman’s house; is she gay? Why did she ‘prick’ herself on a spinning wheel? Why did she get involved with 7 dwarves in a house deep in the forest?

Call me a sceptic but I certainly feel there’s more there than meets the eye.