Survey on steroid use.

There is a survey concerning steroid use on the Barts & London site and feedback would obviously be very useful.

I must be having a Doh! day, I can’t find the survey, lol!

It’s sandwiched in between his views and the reported study. Keep going until you see this bit - The following is a short survey I would like you to complete on steroid use in MS: It is there honest.

I think it’s quite important for people who actually take steroids to offer their opinion and a decent number of replies can only help.

I think it is a question of how important a quick recovery is and that can only be answered by the individual. Hopefully, your wise comments will put him straight.

Will go look and comment as currently on steroids. Kate x

Thanks for that,I’ll save it for -$*>K ‘O’ clock in the night when I’d be hoovering if on the Emmas…Emma 'roids


I only have steroids for severe relapses but some of the stuff in this article is, quite frankly, scary. The thought of having to have a replacement hip!! Something else to worry about when I get hip pain …

Tracey x

Yep, and worse still that could end your football career.

That, and the fact I can’t run …

Replied - thanks.