Surprise surprise!

I was awake at six this morning. I was awake at six yesterday too.

What’s going on?

I’ve had so much sleep lately. Where’s my normal routine gone? Or is this now my normal?

I’m certainly feeling the benefits of the diet change because when I’m awake, I am less physically fatigued.

If the weather is ok tomorrow, I’ll go out to the park in the early morning light.

I expect I’ll fall asleep during Pointless again.


That’s what Pointless is for.

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It’s good to hear that you are feeling well. I was always a morning person but the tablets I’m on make me feel groggy in a morning they get rid of the pain in my ear and face and my sleeping has been better too. I’ve had a good day , it started bad but got better as the day went on . Michelle and Frazer xx

What is this “Pointless” and is it available in the USA ?

It’s a BBC programme (so I think you can access it) and it’s very good but more difficult with MS - it’s a test of obscure knowledge

Sonia x

And one which for some reason, many people find easy to sleep through.