Supreme Court DLA Court Decision

I don’t have the full details yet as this was only just been flashed up as breaking news on the BBC News Channel but apparently the Supreme Court has found in favour of a claim by the family of a severely disabled child whose DLA was stopped whilst he was in hospital.

This time the Court has found that unwarranted delay and overly restrictive application of the rules DID result in a breach of the child’s human rights. (Apparently, the family’s expenses actually INCREASED because of the costs of looking after him/visiting him in hospital which was some distance away.)

Possibly much wider implications after the very dismissive response of DWP to the Human Rights aspect of the case brought by people who had been left in limbo for many months/years over PIP.

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Good news. However, I think it is cases like this that is the real reason they are so determined to write their own version of the Human Rights Bill. There will be no recourse in cases like this …