Suprapubic catheter hiccup!

For those of you who are not regular readers of my blog…I recently had a Suprapubic Catheter fitted. All has gone well today but I thought I would write about my recent Suprapubic Catheter Hiccup!

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Glad you got the collodial silver. You can spray it on surfaces/equipment as well as the wound to ‘kill off’ everything. And Aldi sell a good Manuka Honey - at a reasonable price.

Don’t forget - you can spray straight into your mouth with the collodial silver which will also help to keep you infection free.

Really interesting info in your blog AL, hope it does the trick for you.

Pam x

Great blog AL!

Your hubby sounds like a great nurse. Some very good info there.

All the best,

Pat xx (ps tweeted it).

Hi Guys thanks for you comments, just to let you know the Silver spray is great, works really well, blisters have almost vanished. Thanks again Deborah

To late to read it now it’s 00:32 but will read tomorrow. Sounds like whatever it was has gone. Nite nite Xxx Don