Supporting a student with MS

Hi all,

I currently teach a student suffering from MS who is struggling with use of her hands to write and draw. The mobility in her hands and wrists is the cause for her requiring a writing/ drawing aid.

Research has led us towards a writing aid called Wanchick however this brand is only located in the U.S.

Wanchick writers offer support up the arm via Velcro straps which lead then to finger and pencil supports.

Due to the location of item it is proving difficult to purchase.

Can I please ask if anyone has seen a similar product sold in the UK or can you point me in the right direction to continue my search?

Many thanks,


hi holly

i just did a quick google to find out more.

it seems to be aimed at arthritis sufferers.

why not contact the arthritis charity or support group who may be able to buy in bulk and sell them at a reduced cost.

carole x

Sent you a PM. i have contacted my friend who has CP and also another friend who works for AbilityNet. He also has contacts in the states.

doing some research there is this: