Support when sitting down


I’m new here, only just been diagonsed in March of this year with RRMS.

I have found that when i sit on our sofa, i get burning sensations in my thighs. However, when i sit on harder chairs i.e. dining chair or on toilet etc - i have no sensation.

I wanted to see if anyone had any advice around maybe a sofa topper or something i could put onto my sofa to make it more supportive for me.

We currently live in a top floor flat so recliner is out of the questions for now.

Would appreciate anyones help or advice on this.

Thank you,


Hi Michael,

Sorry about your diagnosis but glad you found this site.

Top tip - keep a diary of when symptoms start and if they end. Appointments and discussions with medics, prescriptions etc.

Not sure what to suggest. A piece of board under the cushion to make it harder?

Maybe ask MS nurse for advice, she may get an OT to assess you.

Keep well,


If you have access to an occupational therapist (some chance these days I know!) they can get you stiffening stuff for your sofa. They did this for me years ago and it made just getting up off the settee easier. (I’m now fortunate enough to have a riser/recliner!)


Thank you both, i am having my first session with MS nurse next month. so will bring this up when i speak to them :slight_smile: