sunny sunday

HI All  Sun out here had to water my strawberrys. I had a frend come to see me all day she went on about how ill she was what she could do & not do. after lunch l had had it up my eyes so l snaped (not something l do very often) but l told her she can get upstairs  walk to the shops get in & out of a bath on her own, she went quite said sorry made me a cup of tea stayed a little longer said see you next week, was l beening meen no l don t think so. confused

     Take care all regards Janthumbsup

No you were not being mean. Sometimes it just does your head in. Probably did her good. Some people are so insensitive! Don't know what it means not to be able to just walk to the shops. And they want to off load on you without thinking how blo*dy exhausting it is. Good for you for saying something!

I went by taxi to see a friend in amateur dramatic production. Was great but then went for really awful meal that took an hour to arrive (complained and got a discount) and then long wait for taxi home. Big group of friends all shouting at top of voices. I'm completely exhausted!

Very glad to be home... confused I can't handle stuff like that anymore.

Don't worry about snapping at your friend Jan. Sometimes it's the only thing to do.

Take care,

Pat x sleeping

Thanks Pat you made me fell better

Some time you just need peace. take care Jan xxhappy2