Sunny Sunday

It certainly began as a sunny morning. I was bored from being indoors all week and I was hoping Mr Poppy and I might have a drive around the countryside, enjoy a relaxing lunch somewhere. Nope, wasn’t to be. Before I suggested this, I decided to alleviate my boredom and take a ride to A&E in an ambulance instead. I was standing in the kitchen talking to himself, admiring the awakening trees in the garden. I turned to move away from the table and somehow fell over my feet. Unable to save myself, I fell backwards and cracked my head on the kitchen floor. My head actually bounced twice before settling into the pool of blood that instantly began to flow. It looked quite alarming and Mr Poppy didn’t even have time to change pallor. He quickly pushed a folded towel under my head. The pressure of my head on the towel slowed the bleeding but it still came. Ambulance arrived in due course. They really carry some equipment these days! I won’t bore you with the details, but I couldn’t imagine how they were going to negotiate the doors and corridor and manoeuvre me through the house and into the ambulance, but they did. Concerned about a spinal injury, I was ensconced in a neck brace. The entire day was spent in a&e. Drips, catheter, bloods and xray. Once any fracture was ruled out my head dressing was removed. I sported a cut the size of a pimple!! None of us could believe it from the amount of blood showing on the dressing and clothes. Didn’t even warrant a stitch! I imagine I’ll have quite a headache tomorrow. We dined on toast and Jam this evening. Not quite the Sunday I had in mind.

Bloody hell Poppy, that sounds horrendous for both of you. I am pleased to hear that the consequences of your fallee behaviour are not as bad as they might have been.

So sorry that your day was wrecked and hope that you get over it all very soon.


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omg Poppy you were so lucky hun. Yes head wounds can really bleed but you obviously have a hard head to get away without a worse injury thank goodness for that. Jeez now i hope this sunday is a nice one for you so you can have that day out although it is easter. take care and rest ok. xxxxx

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Ah yes heads do bleed. And they will always be concerned about concussion. When I was 8, my 4 yr old hit with a poker. Boy did it bleed, I screamed my head off. “Poor lamb” they said, “he didn’t know what he was doing”…I thought darkly… he bloody did!! No A & E in those days tho.

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Blimey Poppy, I know you said you wanted a trip, but I don’t think that’s what you had in mind. Poor you, though, and poor Mr Poppy. He must have had the fright of his life. Have you considered covering your house in that stuff they put in children’s playgrounds? Just a thought for the future.

I’m so glad it wasn’t worse, a horrible day, and I’m sure you have a headache today, but it could have been catastrophic.

You have truly endured the worst couple of years ever. If anyone deserved a holiday, it’s the two of you. Let’s hope June comes quickly.


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what a day you had bless. take it easy thou x

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Hello there mateys. Here i am, tough as old boots. Stiff as a board where every muscle in my body automatically tensed as I went down. Surprisingly I don’t have headache! The toes on my weak right foot have decided to curl as I shuffle with the rollator. Hmm. I hope this is a temporary thing and they return to their equally useless straightness. Poor Mr Poppy has returned to his normal self. Apparently, where I lay in an ever expanding pool of blood, it looked like I’d been hit with an axe. He’s actually a bit like the character Doc Martin when it comes to blood. Quite admirable of him to clean up after I was carted away. Redivine, I do hope you walloped the said boy in your own time. I wonder what he’s grown into?! Thanks for the well wishes everyone. Sue, you’re certainly right about the last two years we have endured. Has a curse been put on the Poppy house?! Any ideas on how to remove it will be gratefully received. I love the idea of the playground matting. I wonder…