Sunday 10.30pm film Lourdes on BBC4 (character with MS)

I’ve never seen it, but seem to remember it went down quite well when it came out.

Anyway, the lead character has MS so worth a watch… and I assume that, for those of us who are fast asleep by 10.30, it will then be on iplayer.

Pat x

Thanks for that.

Marcus. x.

I saw it when it came out at the cinema. I liked it - it’s very slow moving, there’s not a vast amount of action or dialogue (and it did make me chuckle in a few places). What I liked about it is just how ambiguous it is - nothing’s clear cut, everything’s very vague and it leaves everything open to interpretation, which I like in a film.

I think I’ll give it another watch and see how I find it second time round…


Thanks for the prompt Pat and this will fill the Match of the Day size gap nicely.

Thanks Pat, never heard of it but will be watching! -x-

I’ve never heard of it Pat but I’ll record it. It sounds very interesting,thanks for the heads up,xxjo

Thank you for the tip Pat, I am always curious how MS will be portrayed.

Thanks Pat, I’ll record it.

Denise xx

I actually did managed to see it and liked it. Difficult film though and still trying to work out what it was about.

Very interesting when it appeared that she had been ‘cured’. Other people’s reactions… hostility from some and others treating her like a celebrity. As if she were ‘performing’. Everyone was there hoping for a miracle but when it seemed like one had actually happened reactions were strange. There seemed almost a sense of relief when it became obvious that the cure was temporary and she returned to her wheelchair. It was like the hope of a cure was the point of being there… not actually a cure.

Anyone else see it?

Should be in BBC iplayer if you missed it.

Pat x

An interesting interview with the director:

I thought it was very unusual but interesting, a change from the norm. The kind of film I like now and then. Although I did have the impression that it was slightly ridiculed, it was not offensive (well, at least not for me for as far as I am concerned, being an, I suppose, ‘atheist’).

Dan said quite rightly “open to (your own) interpretation”, also depending on the level of your ‘own’ MS.

Although it is not (yet?) applicable to the level of disability (SPMS) I have, I do think I am able to recognise the moment when she is ‘suddenly’ able to walk followed by ‘going down’ a bit later (excusez mon anglais…).

I suppose a lot of MSers recognise this, the ‘bad and better’ moments whereby it should not be forgotten that there is not much exercise for the legs when wheelchair bound? (thus not enough power to create some kind of sufficient strenghth for a (short) period?).

Does this make sense?

I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderfully subtle performances and it confirmed my belief that a ticket to Switzerland is preferable to Lourdes.

Pity it didn’t explain who slipped ldn into her water, although my guess is Nun Ratched.

I found it interesting but sad. Give me Florida anyday, I wouldn’t go even if it was for free. Julsiexx

I have often thought that all the people who are miraculously cured in the bible and such, probably have rrMS, it kind of makes sense to me now. I believe they called it ‘the palsy’.

Oh and I did enjoy the film, thanks for telling us it was on Pat.



I remember reading about the film in MS Matters…can’t remember which one, if anyone knows this please let me know.

I always wanted to see the film and there it was on T.V. I think the physical effects and emotional effects that MS can have were portrayed well,

Take Care