sunburn but still white!!!

hello everyone

what do you suggest for sore skin? i feel as though my legs are sunburnt and clothes feel like someone is rubbing the sunburn. I am fed up with wearing summer dresses and looking like a wally in the rain!!! My leggings are screaming out for me to wear them!!!




This was one of my earliest symptoms - one February!

I knew there was no chance it was real sunburn, in England, in Feb.

Went to doc, described it exactly as sunburn. Was concerned it might be the start of a thrombois, as we have it in the family.

Caught her on an off day: she was not impressed with what she obviously thought was timewasting & paranoia on my part.

I did get an apology, when I eventually got diagnosed, because she said: “Oh yes, you came in with that thing with your leg, didn’t you?”

Anyway, as to what to do about it, I don’t believe there’s any point applying stuff to the skin, because it isn’t really sore. It’s an illusion caused by your brain or spinal cord being sore!

Some types of prescription neuropathic (nerve) painkillers may help.



Amytriptyline and placing towels that had been in freezer on legs helped me. I think cos that further confused the messages that my legs were getting-but thats just a guess. The benefis of icepacks etc are well recognised in reduction of swelling/pain in sports injury for example so maybe applying something cold to the area follows some of those principles-thats also just a guess! But the frozen towels did provide some relief for me.

Ellie x

Aloe vera, Oilatum, E45, lots of moisturiser.

Hi Lisa,

I get this sort of pain on calves. Someone called it sunburn which I think is a great way to describe it so use it myslef.

Just a shame sunburn cream doesn’t work.

Creams and lotions may work. Just be careful if you do get sunburn on your legs as it won’t feel any different!

Jen x

hello thanks for everyone who replied some days i feel i can only wear a bikini - believe me not a nice sight!!!


for me it was called hypersensative skin and it was a pain !!! lasted for a few months

hope it doesnt last that long for you


Hi lisa I’ve had this for a month now, I’ve never had it before, my ms nurse called it dysesthesia, a friend from my ms lunch gave me versatis medicated plasters, i use them at night + they help take away the burn, I don’t know how they work as its not really burning but it seems to help, she got them on prescription. Julsiexx