sums standing frame trial

anyone doing this

I used to teach in a special school where some of the children had cerebral palsy and other similar difficulties. These children used to use standing frames daily for a minimum of an hour but no more than a couple of hours. This helped to strengthen leg muscles but had the added bonus of encouraging a bowel movement as gravity did its thing!

I’ve often wondered why I hadn’t heard of the frames being used for adults as I’m sure it would be a good thing although now when I think about it I’m not sure, even with support, that my legs would hold me for that long.

The other problem would be the size of the frame needed for adults, the ones for 10 year olds were big enough!


ive just had mine delivered, physio coming thursday to show me what to do

Great, I’ll be interested to hear how you get on with it.


Although l cannot walk unaided - l rely on my super Topro rollator to get me about all day. l also do not sit down all day - only sit down about 8-30pm for dinner. This is because l find it so difficult to get up and going again once sat down. l am terrified of not being able to stand - just wish l could do it without support.

l went to our villages outdoor party last Saturday. Great live band - The Soul Collective - and apart from sitting to eat my burger - l danced all evening - holding onto my rollator. And did not have any problems the following day. Think l should spend all day dancing. And it was not the alcohol - as l do not drink.

l feel l would like an ‘aid’ that held me upright without having to use my hands/arms - but be able to move around in it.