Suddenly single and no carer

Hi all

Ive recently become single due to my partner and carer having a nervous breakdown due to family loss and drink making his depression worse..... But now i feel lost not only have i lost the love of my life but my carer too and i dont know what to do........ I use a self propelled wheelchair to get out and about but need someone to push me for the most part due to fatigue plaguing my life meaning i cant walk or self propel for long distances anymore and feel hes left me in the deep end with it all.......


Yes i am strong and independant but been used to having a carer there for me and being able to go out, go to apps etc easily and without stress, now ive gotta rely on friends and they cant always give me lifts etc due to working themselves......... I start college again in march and scared i wont be able to do it without support........


Have to rely on ring and ride for local trips and community transport for hospital treatment as at the QE birmingham


Advice guys??


Love donna xx

Oh poor you Donna, is it possible to contact your MS Nurse or speak to your doctor to get more help? Don't give up, there is help out there for you but you have to ask for it. Speak to every profestional that you can.



Janet x

Ditto to Janet! Could wheelchair services provide you with a electric wheelchair, even if it was a loan? I think The Red Cross and Shopmobility do loans - maybe they have an electric one that would suit? Social Services might be able to help with care?

Definitely time to get the phone line hot - MS nurse, GP, Social Services, OT,.....

I hope your partner is getting the support that he needs and is back very soon.

Karen x

For college contact the insitution about support they can offer- either financial/equipment/ a helper etc. ? They should have disability officer or someone like that -x-

You must have been having a miserable time in the lead up to this situation but now there are practical matters to deal with.

A power wheelchair seems quite important to help you get around. Wheelchair services may or may not be able to help with this (It all depends on the rules in your area and how much you can actually walk without the chair) If the NHS can’t come up with the goods you need to look for a grant. The MS society may be able to help and your college may have access to funds. Also you could look at for other possible grants.

I know that college will be a challenge but if it’s something that you want to do – I’m sure that help is out there. Your college will have a student services dept and they will be able to help with all sorts of things like transport etc. You need to ask.

Getting out and about and to appointments is not going to be easy. I can’t think of a solution to this beyond what you already know –dial and ride and hospital transport. The only other thing I can suggest is direct payments where you have x number of hours from social services to help with things like this. You need to contact adult services and let them know that your circumstances have changed and that you need an assessment for help.

It’s hard to go it alone but you sound like a strong person. I agree with other posters there will be help out there but you will need to be assertive to access it.


Good luck







Hi, everyone has offered the kind of advice I would`ve. Some good, sensible suggestion amongst them.


Just wanted to add my voice in support....shame about your ex too. Hope he`s getting help he needs too.

luv Pollx