such fun - faecal incontinence...

hola everyone, hope all is as well as can be. i normally wear adult nappies but after a stay in hosp. (not ms related) the docs decided to fit a catheter and omit the nappies. ok in hosp where a press of a button would bring forth a ‘changing/clean up team’. am awaiting results of tests taken plus a help at home programme and have a brilliant hubby but what does anyone else do for this type of incontinence?.

Hi, not quite sure what you mean hun.

Have I got it right…you wore nappies for bladder incontinence and now with the catheter, you dont need them?

So were you faecal incontinent then or just since the op?

I am wondering why no-one else has replied to this post. maybe others were a bit confused too.

If you are bowel incontinent, then you will still need the nappies, no?

luv Pollx