Hi all. Sorry to bother. I have always had a barely noticeable stutter, however, over past week, i have been really struggling to talk. Sometimes i can’t even get a word out without having to stop, take a deep breath and try again. The hubby is getting quite concerned. Is this a “symptom” worthy of telling doc/neuro or can i just carry on ignoring it and tell the other half to stop worrying! Thanks Angela x

Hi Angela,

Without knowing if you are dx with ms I would suggest a visit to your gp, but if you are dx give your ms nurse a call and she would be able to advise you as there is speech theophy available. hth.



It could be a symptom or I think that it could also be an exacerbation because of the stress of dealing with other symptoms and investigations. Fatigue can make underlying problems much worse too (if you have bad fatigue?). You should certainly tell your neuro about it. In the meantime, a trip to your GP’s might at least reassure your husband. Karen x

Thanks for your replies.

Janet - am not dx. Am only in very early stages of investigation.

Karen - not particularly stressed to be honest, but you have a good point - it is very much worse when I am tired. I don’t believe it is fatigue as such. I think I was fatigued last autumn and just doing the simplest of tasks were beyond me (such as even brushing my hair or having to sit down after putting the kettle on) That has all settled down again now. This I think is just “running around after 6 year old and a hubby and a job” kind of tired. lol.

I don’t want to bother the GP with it (I already look like a muppet to him) but I will make note of it for the Neuro.

Thanks again.


I am going to agree with Karen, I have never had a stutter, however, when I get stressed I turn into a bumbling idiot, I cant get my words out I stutter then find myself taking a deep breath swearing a few times then continuing my converstion. I dont get stressed really but with everything thats happened it does all take its toll.


you look so very young but talk much older if you know what I mean, Is that a photo of you when you where much younger?


I don’t have an avatar (can’t figure out how to do it) so am not sure what you mean smallfry ???!!!