Studio ghibli (not MS)

I was wondering if anyone else likes these movies?

I love them! I have always loved art and always wanted to make cartoons, but in a real world I was always too sick so I decided to stick to a hobby :slight_smile:

Which is your fav movie?

I love them all but spirited away is my fav followed by this years release Ni no Kuni :slight_smile:


charlie and the chocolate factory! i struggle to follow adult films…

ellie x

It’s not studio ghibli, but it is a very good old movie! one of my childhood movies :slight_smile:


please excuse my ignorance-i have never heard of the person/films u mention. my eyes read it as something about a gerbil

ellie x

lol! that’s awesome :slight_smile:

It is a Jap cartoon company which animate inn 2D only and are very good at it