Stubborn? Denial? Or just crazy?

Evening all

I wanted to get some opinions on what I’m planning to do I a couple of weeks.

Defore DX I enjoyed paintball a few times a year. I went often enough that I purchased my own goggles. But since DX I haven’t been anywhere near a paintball field. Last year my left leg got weak and my balance wasn’t great. But it has been on the mend for the last six plus months or so and for the last few months my walking has almost been back to normal; to the point where I can even run again. I’d never been one for running but god I’ve missed it. So I’m bitting the bullet so to speak. I’m determined not to allow this condition to get the better of me and rule my life. I understand that sometimes there will be things I just can’t do, but at the moment I think and feel I can, so I’m going to. I shall be donning the goggles one more time (hopefully not the last time) and attempting to dodge flying paint. I know there is a fair chance I will be suffering after but if I don’t try how will I know.

So, what are your opinions? Am I in denial, being plane stubborn or down right crazy?

Looking forwards to your thoughts.


nah i think youre spot on, think the fear of failure can put people off so much that they recluse to a certain degree. have a good one man

Hi Simon,

You’re probably all three!

Life is for living and you should do as much as you can. Obviously MS gives us some limits but if you feel that this is something that you want to do – go for it!



why the hell not simon, go enjoy.

being stubborn and down right crazy is not a bad thing to be. be determined and you will achieve,and what the hell if you end up in a heap, just have a laugh.


you have a pm.

Stubborn… crazy… definitely!!! Have a great time.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing what you feel capable of.

As you say, without trying, how will you know?

Although it’s very physical, it’s a relatively “safe” environment, as in there are other people there, and you could opt to leave, if things got too much.

I really don’t think you’re doing anything reckless by wanting to find where your limits are. You could miss out on many things, by just assuming you won’t be able to do them, without even checking.

If it goes fine, then great - you’ll have more confidence next time. If it doesn’t go fine - well, bad luck, but I don’t believe it does any permanent harm, and at least you’ll know.

I know what you mean about the running; I was never much into it either, but since being diagnosed, I wish I’d trained for a marathon while I was still well.

I was really envious, recently, of a friend who did one - even though I’d never experienced any interest before.

Isn’t that odd?



Enjoy :slight_smile:

Go for it!

Brenda x

ur deffo all 3,lol,I wouldnt do that when i was healthy,go for it enjoy it,and kill a few for us,lol

I think you’ll reget NOT doing it more than if you go and enjoy yourself! Even if you’re not as nimble as you once were…


Go for it and good luck

I think that anyone who enjoys paintball is not right in the head (I’ve seen the bruises those little pellets leave!), so crazy would apply - but like others have said, give it a bash, you won’t know until you try.

Good luck - arnica is good for bruises

Luisa x

THAT is the attitude…BUT it must be tempered with a big dollop of realism in that if you start struggling in a way you can’t control ,then pack in.The rest of your team/section/brick/fire team should understand this before the battle commences. If they get that,then that is true teamwork.

If the worst happens and you pull out, your return to the field of combat will be quicker than if you really ucfk yourself up. The blokes in your team will really admire you for suiting up,but admitting what could happen shows them that you aren’t surrendering, but are looking at the long game.

If you cam-up,don’t forget your wrists and the back of the neck and ears yours in particular. Have a blast and please report back. Can you imagine the team we could field.

Good luck, Wb

ps You are not an Egyptian…In de Nile


I would say that you are none of them! Its called living-enjoy!

Ellie x

Go for it and have fun. Surely on the ground is one of the best places to be so you cant get hit.

Hope you have a great time (I do think you are totally crazy though lol)

just do it! (not a nike advert)


Go for it! You only live once and should do as much as you can while you can. Personally I have blown a small pension on a road trip in California - staring in Saturday . Do the MOST you can. Life is for living!!! Have a great time xx

Go for it! No use giving up ground to MS for free. It takes quite enough as it is.



I wouldnt think twice!!! If its what you enjoy, enjoy!!! Have a good one!! Tracey xx