Strong contractions

Hi still awaiting firm diagnosis, taking gabapentin in day and clonazapam at night. Walking getting worse, right side weakness and having strong contracting body spasms more painful and debilitating than ms hugs. Looks terrible for my two children and husband to have to see and know there’s nothing they can do to help. My body contracts into some very strange and painful shapes especially towards the end of the day. Have had 2 MRI’s since last Oct both show active lesions in head and spinal column and awaiting lumbar puncture results to come back to convince my neuro, who’s 80% sure it’s ms but wants to be 100% sure before offering DMD’s. Are these symptoms familiar to anyone? Feeling low.

Hi Anon

I’m afraid I don’t experience the same as you, but I just wanted to send you a ((hug)) and I hope someone will be along soon to offer you some useful advice

PG xx

Thank you for the virtual hug Pandagal

I’m hoping for some answers soon just a bit impatient at the moment. Hope you’re well and not suffering badly with this disease.

Hello, oh I do feel for you hun. Sounds like spasms…dunno what those meds are supposed to do, but would baclofen help?

If you`re in agony like it sounds, ring your GP.

luv Pollx

Hello Poll, thank you for replying, I am at my wits end. My family GP passed away last week which is very sad on so many levels. I got the result of my lumbar puncture on Thurs after making a nuisance of myself my neuro telephoned with them. I have a number of bands in the CSF so now my neuro is 90% sure that it’s MS but now wants my to have a blood test to see if the bands are in my blood / CSF! As for the spasms / contractions he wants me to record myself having one so that he can see for himself even though I was initially told that he would not accept this as I may be faking it! I then discovered in a throw away comment that my MS nurse has resigned and will be leaving in June. Considering that in November I was told by a private neurologist that, with three active lesions on my MRI contrast study, this was a very aggressive form of the disease and that I should be put on a strong course of Betainferon by the NHS neurologist who I first saw in January. All his findings, blood test results and 2 MRI scans were passed on to NHS neuro who decided that these findings were not conclusive, GRRR