Hi what stretches do everyone do to ease stiffness. Being a dancer (ex dancer) I find I have to get my legs into stupid positions for the stretch to work. I use the stairs i have to put my leg up about 5 steps until I get a stretch. Then I get tired holding it there. Then I stretch my leg pull up my toes this does feel good when I’m doing it but my arms get tired holding the stretch I sit with the pads of my feet touching each other get my knees on the floor this really eases the inside of my groin muscles. Problem is when I stand up they are ‘locked’ in the stretch and I have to hobble about until it releases. So I’m worried am I pushing too much. My problem is I don’t look like I’m stiff due to my ‘range’ before this I was double jointed I could put my feet facing the back with ease looks weird and I don’t care I can’t do that now just find it hard to get some peace abs ease my unhappy muscles.

I taught pole-dance before I was diagnosed and yes, I was pretty flexible for my 40’s… my gait is so very disturbed tho and I’m losing my flexibilty fast, which I hate.

Like you, stretching is a bit weird (tho I’m not as flexible as you). Adductor stretches hurt my groin but one leg is really heavy so I think it’s all a bit messed up. Stretching my quads is really hard, I have to kneel then lay back slowly and I can’t always get the stretch evenly. Actually, glutes are even more uneven and I have to do a sort of weird manouvre to get a stretch on one side.

I can’t take the heat now either, so it’s difficult to warm up effectively but I figure spasticity does more than I realise as I find it quite ironic that my legs look like I cycle daily when I struggle to walk with a stick even but am certainly far less active than I have been for the last 8 years.

I’m trying to get prescribed Sativex as I’ve had rotten side effects with Baclofen, Tizanidine & Dantrium. I actually find it quite disturbing to be given meds that ‘decrease muscle tone’ having spent so long trying to get those muscles! I suffered muscle weakess with the first two meds and I found that really frightening. I’m likely ppms so I think you can imagine why that freaks me out, I want to hold on to as much independence as possible.

So my personal advice would be to avoid meds or take as low a dose as possible, cos you might need something to help relax the muscles. Stretches just seem to be hard work but I’ve talked through them with my MS physio and she’s been encouraging.

Oh, and I’m going to dig out my foam roller, as it occurred to me the other day that it might be helpful…tho I guess that won’t be very dignified!

Take care and sorry if my frustrating seeps through here a little :wink:

Sonia x

I get the frustration, it annoys me. I’m on 60mg of baclofen a day my muscles like burning. I get out of bed like a wooden pole take my first 20mg do stretches till my body fancies relaxing lol. I was late taking my 4o clock and my shoulders like spasm. My doctor wanted me to try Sativex but neuro wasn’t keen. Even my fingers aren’t keen to relax but Apparantly even they’re more flexible than normal And physio says my core needs strengthening but when u try and do the excercise I stick my tail out too far and overarching my back lol. I’m rrms so far but they’re now thinking it’s highly active and moving at a fast pace so another scan coming up. I get bored stretching as it’s stretching to walk not do dance I’m jealous I always wanted to try pole dancing was planning to try it just after I had my daughter last year Thanks for replying Em x

Some of these exercises are quite useful and might help.

Em, my neuro is the same. It’s annoying as my surgery will happily prescribe it if my neuro says I should try it so hoping he will evenually agree to writing a letter.

Oh, I tried the foam roller and wow, I didn’t actually realise quite how horrible and knotty my quads were! I will definitely be making it a habit

Whammel, thank you for that link

Sonia x

Thanks whammel Right I have a date with amazon today to find a foam roller. What kind do you have. I’m finding pain the hardest to deal with I wanted tl try LDN too but shock my doc made me promise I won’t go and get a prescription myself. So I promised but after my next MRI and treatment If it’s not helping I may just try it, X


I just picked up something similar to this on ebay:

I think you can ones made of better foam that will last longer but I just got cheap one so see if I liked it.

It is a little tricky with some muscles bu for quads/calves it is so simple, a DIY massage

There’s loads of videos on youtube now too.

Sonia x