Stressed about results !!!

Hi, I’ve been told that my MRI results have gone back to gp today . Does that mean the results are normal or would they go back there anyway . Don’t want to be diagnosed with anything , but also scared that I will be told there is nothing wrong with me and its all in my head, having had the last 7 months off. My wife doesn’t know why I feel so anxious about this . I have been unable to work for 7 months and we are struggling to pay the mortgage . I haven’t put these symptoms on but not sure what I will do if outcome is all clear . Initial Neuro examination show brisk replexes , no abdominal reflex and leg muscles that were tight ?( cannot think of right phrase ). Could all thses things really be in my head ? Pete

No, your abnormal exam results cannot be in your head. However, they could be caused by things that don’t show up on MRI so a clear result does NOT mean that you are making any of it up, even subconsciously. Whatever the MRI report says, it is a step closer to finding out what’s wrong.

When they say “gone back to gp today” they may mean “sent to the mail room today” in which case it might still be a few days until anything actually arrives. You should get a copy, but if you don’t, your GP can show you their copy.

Try not to worry. It’s just one more piece of the puzzle.

Karen x

Also after 6 months you can start to claim for DLA should it be required, Ive never claimed for anything but tried and they refused me so I have appealed with a new letter from my nuro. (I was in between appointments at the time). I am also self employed so even though I work from home, having the mental strength to crack on is hard.

My advice would be to speak to the citizens advice bruero about support for your mortgage payments e.t.c speak to people about the help you need. Their is no shame in it, And I have been left thinking is it in my head but the anser is yes, its a lesion in my head. I have to wait now until the 23rd of may for more advice from the uro and no doubt more tests, but I dont see how with all the bloods they have done it can make a difference.

Chin up Pete, speak to some help places about your finances, I know there is support out there. I hope DLA comes my way so I can get a heel chair and new walking stick and just generally be able to leave the house would be nice.

You know where we are for a chat.