Strangest nap ever!

At work today I was overwhelmed with tiredness and needed to sleep. Told my boss that I was just going to have a power nap in our meeting area ( table with a few chairs in a corridor!). He disappeared and came back with two lime green bean bags which he put in a small room called ‘the seaweed room’ - I work in a college and the area my office is in used to be the beauty spa area. So I curled up on the bean bags, with a large Arran cardie left behind by a previous colleague as a blanket, and slept through the noise of the boiler and someone drilling on the floor above. Not conventional, but that hour got me through the rest of the day :slight_smile:

That is so nice :slight_smile: My boss did something similar for me a few weeks ago - told me to go in the clinic room (which has a clinical couch in it which turns out to be quite comfy!) and put a sign on the door saying ‘occupied - do not disturb’.

It’s good that there are nice bosses around,


Oh my word what a lovely boss. Axx

He has his moments! His wife has RRMS so he knows the score! It was lovely to feel so looked after.