strange symptom

Hi everyone Has anyone ever experienced the sensation there is a hair in the back of their throat. Ive been having this sensation for around 3 months and even dream im pulling a long hair from my throat in my sleeping. I just wondered if anyones experienced this as its another strange sensation im having

Hello, I have strange hair in my mouth sensations, I really hate it, makes me retch and I’m constantly pulling at my tongue convinced it has a hair on it. Must be awful to feel that in your throat :frowning: No help am I? Lol, Just wanted to say you are not alone x Sam x

Thats so weird I thought it was just me lol

Yes I get hair ib my mouth or over my face sensation time to time drives me crackers trying to get something that’s not there. I’m not dx though have had clear mri after being told possible ms Axx

Yep, I spend hours trying to find imaginary hairs in my mouth…mostly on my tongue, but occasionally on the roof of my mouth too. I’m also often to be found trying to locate non-existent hairs off my face and one arm and hand too!