Strange sensations.

I’m undiagnosed at the moment. Im having feelings of prickly pins on my forehead everynow & then, also on my left hip & parts of both legs. They dont cover a wide area & don’t last for long but I’m getting them all throughout the day. What are they & what’s causing them? Could these justify a diagnosis? Is it a 2nd attack or just symptoms? I’m so confused, worried & concerned.

Hi Anon, there are literally hundreds of different conditions that can cause symptoms like you describe.

You need to see your GP and take it from there. Some conditions, like certain vitamin deficiencies which can also cause these symptoms, can be detected by blood tests.

See your GP and hope you get some answers soon,

Pat x

The fact that these are happening on and off and that they are in multiple places suggests that it is not MS to me. As Pat says, there are lots of other things that could be causing them though, including a vitamin or mineral deficiency (that could be fixed by taking the right supplements) so please do go and see your GP.

Good luck.

Karen x