Strange pain

Hi All,

Hope everyone is doing as well as they can.

I have been having some strange pains in my legs that i was hoping to get advise on or at least work out what they are.

I have been getting pain in the backs of my right knee which will then radiate down the back of my leg until it makes my foot numb. it is starting to get more and more painful and sometimes when i sitting at my desk my right foot will start moving on its own with pulses in my calf, which is very strange and very painful.

Any advise greatly appreciated


hi lisa

do you get spasms?

it could be a spasm but other than that i’ve no idea.

anyway you’ve been bumped back to the top.

carole x

Hi Lisa I had/have exactly the same. I took Gabapentin because of nerve damage due to hip replacements but have now switched to pregabalin as my MS was making the pain worse and my legs and feet would jump around on their own accord. The pregabalin has helped but the most simple thing I found was a change of heat regularly in the hips and legs. I would have a bag of frozen peas on my legs for 20 minutes then after an hour or so a hot compress for another 20 minutes. The change of temperature helped to alleviate the pain and reduced the jumping a little.