Strange onset of symptoms, need advice

Hey guys. Thank you for reading. First I want to say that I have been having benzodiazepine withdrawal for over a year now. Apparently it acts in a similar fashion to MS. I also have terrible sinusitis at the moment as well.

I’m been pretty worried and wondering if any of you can part with some advice. Last week I developed a bad tightness in my right shin. It seemed to come out of nowhere and it’s hard to walk on it most days. A few days ago I also developed severe pain in my right upper teeth that comes and goes. My right upper teeth also feel numb most of the time. I went to the dentist and he couldn’t find anything wrong except he took an xray and said my sinuses looked quite murky.

Does this sound like the onset of MS? Thank you in advance.

Hi Hootie

No one on this forum can say ‘yes that sounds like MS’, or alternatively, ‘no it doesn’t’. We’re just not able to. And when you add your drug withdrawal into the mix as well, it could complicate matters. I can only say that I’ve never had MS symptoms that sound exactly as you’ve described. But that is meaningless, others may say the reverse. MS has many symptoms, some will be familiar to lots of people (eg optic neuritis) and others could be individual to just you. Or it may be something else entirely.

What I’d suggest is that you see your GP, ask him/her for their thoughts about your symptoms. If they think it’s warranted, they could refer you to a neurologist who will do a full neurological examination and maybe send you for other tests.

Best of luck.