Strange old week

Hello everyone, I’m a newby… A late message I know. Hoping my spellings are right… Just having a blip of a week with double vision and balance issues oh and the odd forgetful moment. Pleased to say i got through the week at work…and looking forward to the extended weekend. Last two days of steroids to go then starting on the Rebif at some point next week. There that’s done…i am now a fully fledged member of the MSS forum. Nighty night. L x

Hi Lucie Welcome…I’m on Rebif too. Started on 14th February !! There’s a date to remember. Catherine Xx

Just like to say welcome to the forum. It is a great place with really friendly people who understand how you are feeling. As well as cheering you up with the jokes that people post Barney

Thanks for your messages already…thought i was the only one up! Although i got a reply from a night owl ( Barney!!) How you getting on with the Rebif Catherine ?

Hi Lucie and welcome to the forum. Really lovely bunch of people here and really helpful. Night :slight_smile: Ash x

Hi Lucy! I can’t sleep so I came here lol

Anyone is still awake? Rahma

Oops! Lucy gone

Nighty night x

Hi Lucie I’m absolutely fine on Rebif and have been since the get go. I guess I’m a lucky one. I’ve had the odd headache and twice in 6 months had an attack of shivers and aches but I’ve never had to take ibuprofen and paracetamol. I do my injection at 10pm, right before bed, so might sleep through anything but TBH I am such a light sleeper, I think I would wake up. I get red blotches if I inject in my far too fat tummy but if I inject in my firmer thighs, I get nothing at all. The trick is to leave your leg flat so that is all floppy rather than bend it. Catherine Xx

WElcome aboard this friendly little tug.


Sorry fell asleep Rahma… Thanks for the tips Catherine! And making me feel so welcome x