Strange Leg Pain

Hi all, How is everyone? I’m suffering with a very strange leg pain which is hard to describe and I can’t find anything on the Internet about. I don’t know how to relieve it or help :(. My left leg feels like there is built up pressure. Feels like that feeling when you wrap and elastic band round your finger and it turns purple but in my leg. I am also getting those twitching ripple sensations a bit like you get in your eye when you’re tired in that leg. It’s all very painful. I do have a back problem too so I’m wondering if its a neuro thing or a back thing. Anyone have the slightest clue what I’m going on about or am I going crazy haha (do wonder sometimes!) Thank you all x

Not crazy, not at all, pains and symptoms come in all shapes and sizes, I haven’t experienced that on though but maybe take some aspirin to thin the blood and book to see your doctor. It may be just a tight muscle through the spasms, try stretching it out as well as much as you can handle. Good luck

Hi Emma,

Sensations of pressure or constriction are not uncommon with MS - though if you are undiagnosed, it would not mean that’s necessarily what you have.

Sorry to disagree with Tom, but when I first presented with symptoms, and it was suspected to be a back problem, my GP warned me NOT to take aspirin, in case I might need surgery (obviously, you do not want thinned blood, if there’s a possibility you might need an op, as it could contribute to excessive bleeding).

It turned out it was to do with my back, but not in the way my doctor had thought - i.e. slipped disc that would need surgery. Instead, I had a spinal cord lesion.

If it’s a neuro thing (from mechanical compression of the spinal cord OR from a chronic process such as MS), the “tight” feeling has nothing to do with blood pressure. It’s just your brain trying to make sense of abnormal sensations, or reduced sensation. If you can’t feel things properly, the effect is similar to having something “tight” on the place. So your brain, searching for an explanation, tells you something IS “tight”. I’m assuming the leg isn’t turning purple, and that it looks fine, and feels fine, if touched with the fingers - i.e. not unnaturally hot, and no sense that it’s firm or swollen?

One tip I read for this type of phantom sensation is really to put something tight over the place. Then the brain does not get so upset, because the reported signals (“There’s something tight on me!”) match reality. The discomfort mostly arises if there’s no obvious reason. So give it a reason, and the brain’s happy again: “I feel something tight, because there is! Everything’s as it should be.”


Hi Emma,

I’m sorry to hear you are suffering with leg pain. I wondered if you are suffering with phlebitis, I had it a year or so back its so uncomfortable and it feels like a real build up of pressure, and u just dunno wot do do with yr leg where to put it its so uncomfortable.

Also the other feeling u have, i also have them sometimes, they feel very strange, and I was told they could be fasticulations, its a very weird feeling, very unusual.

Best thing to do Emma get it checked out, see yr Gp, its very worrying when u get these weird symptoms and u just wanna either have the pain go away or manageable and of course find out what it is. And you definately not going crazy hun.

Please let us know how u get on.


Jeanette :slight_smile: